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Welcome to Sleepless!

In the world of Sleepless you play as a sick boy who finds freedom from his time in the hospital through the world of books.

This is the full and finished version of my entry into the 2017 Yume Nikki Game jam. currently there are 4 full worlds (plus their sub worlds!) to explore, several unique npcs, 6 effects, and 3 puzzles. 


Use the C button to use effects.

To wake up, use the 'Wake' effect from the effects menu.

To save, use the IV in your room or save from the menu.

Thank you so much for playing!


Kris Keogh

BoxCat Games

Eric Matyas



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This might be a late comment, but I really enjoy this game! The overall feel is very well done, and the effects are unique! I can't for the life of me find the 6th effect but you did a great job with this!

It took me a few days to find all the effects but I'm really happy with my experience of the game. The fox mask was particularly tricky because I kept getting oranges instead of plums but it was also the most rewarding to go back through old areas and hear what their inhabitants had to say. I  loved the art style and all of the different areas. The main character's different designs were very engaging and full of personality. You obviously put a lot of thought into creating specific moods throughout the game and it shows.

I encountered one glitch near the end, when equipping different effects pressing C would still activate the Umbrella's rain.

thank you so much for your review, i really appreciate it. <3  i really wanted each area to feel different for each other, and i'm glad that comes through. i'm sorry you struggled with the plum tree, it's a random number tied things so it can be super unfair.

I'll look into that glitch when i get a chance to work on this again. i haven't had time yet to fix the remaining bugs that have been addressed but hopefully i will soon.

thank you again!

Played the game, its very chill and nice. I found a glitch where if you used the wake effect to go on, then using the librarian effect you will be awake in the dream world. Hope that this gets fixed because I'm currently stuck in the dream world while awake. Very nice game :D

oh dear, definitely a big problem. i should have time to comb through glitches on friday. thanks for playing!

no problem :D

I've gotten all six effects. Is there an actual ending to the game? I haven't found a use for the ghost effect.

I also found some potential problems with the mac build of the game (I don't know if this is a problem for the windows version):

- Whenever I go into the options menu when pausing, it causes an error that forces me to shut the game down.

- When using some other effects that don't cause rain (like the Taret card and maiden), it still causes rain for some reason. 

- The game doesn't always switch between the effects when they are selected.

hi! thank you so much for playing (:

there's currently no 'ending'. i plan on adding one in the future when i add in the extra 2 worlds i have planned. the ghost and tarot effects are mostly for cosmetic reasons.

as for the errors: the first one hasn't happened to me but i will definitely try to reproduce that, that's a huge issue. the second one was a glitch i was getting in an older build, are you on the newest build? if so i will have to double check my solution to that. ): the third one is unfortunately a fail safe in case two effects were playing at once, it makes sure the game turns off the first one before entering the next.

thanks again for the glitch reporting!!!

I could tell right off the bat this had Yume Nikki vibes to it. I would have been shocked if there wasn't a coincidence! This is still unique in it's own way. I felt Yume Nikki to be weird horror in a way. While this to me is abstract adventuring!

thank you for playing my game! yeah, my original premise was that i wanted to set in a more 'daydream' environment where less horror things would happen. there's a lot of horror based yume nikki fan games and i wanted to try making outside of that realm, but still keep the 'abstract dream' feeling. i'm glad it comes across (:

I'm gonna download it and let you know what I think! It already looks great from the screenshots :3

thank you! please let me know what you think !

I've found 4 effects so far, I think Sleepless is very relaxing and enjoyable! I also really liked the music

i'm so glad! i really wanted to make a relaxing and calm experience with this game. (: